How well is your organization managing IT security threats?

The evolving threat landscape dictates that organizations need around-the-clock vigilance to combat the growing number of potentially exploitable endpoints. Unfortunately, most simply do not have the security expertise, skill sets, or advanced tools to remain secure. On top of that, the volume of IT security alerts is overwhelming most organizations resulting in exhausted teams and increased organizational risk.


The attack landscape is constantly changing

Managing the detection and response to security events on endpoints is hard. Because the threat landscape is so vast and pervasive, organizations require the ability to respond and remediate attacks in minutes, not days and weeks.


Traditional protection systems often fall short

Attackers continuously update their methods and capabilities. Traditional protection systems such as anti-virus often fall short. Organizations are faced with complex challenges when attempting to secure their network and endpoint devices.


The volume of IT security alerts is overwhelming

Increasingly distributed IT environments have raised the risk for organizations and raised the workload for IT teams. More endpoint devices means more attack vectors. More security tools means more complexity. Day-to-day alert triage has become time-consuming and exhausting work.

Calculate the impact of security alerts on your organization


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Estimated number of security alerts received daily
Estimated number of alerts handled daily by automation
Estimated number of daily alerts likely to be ignored or not investigated based on industry average
Total time required to investigate daily alerts even with automation
Number of additional full-time IT team members you may require to address all alerts
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Interpreting the results

Based on the information you provided, an organization of your size faces IT security alerts every week. Even with automated solutions that help filter out duplicate alerts or identify false alarms, if your team worked full time to address the remaining alerts, there would be alerts each week that a typical team of your size isn't able to get to. The result is lose-lose: an overworked IT team suffering from alert fatigue, and an organization that still faces unidentified risks.

Lumen has the expertise, tools, and resources to help. Lumen® Managed Endpoint Detection & Response eliminates alert overload and frees your team to focus on more valuable work.

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