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Take command of emergency call services with the high-performance platform designed for next-level, mission-critical public safety continuity.

Digital-ready solutions for

modern safety services

Move 9-1-1 and emergency communications to the cloud seamlessly and cost-effectively, add services and capabilities without investing in new hardware and keep legacy systems intact during the switch.


Flexible bandwidth

Flexible bandwidth

Overcome PSAP bandwidth limitations and deploy services quickly with a hybrid SD-WAN infrastructure that supports diverse and redundant MPLS circuits.

Enhanced situational awareness

Enhanced situational awareness

Empower first responders with vital details about the emergency (location, other teams, closest hospitals, etc.) integrated from multiple sources, including social media.


Precise locations

Precise locations

Find out where mobile emergency callers are located with our Next Generation Core Services (NGCS), which collects geolocation info from wireless providers.

Features and Specifications

  • Access current 9-1-1 Master Street Address Guide
  • Easy updates and quick confirmation

  • Backup system when dedicated 9-1-1 lines fail
  • Routes emergency calls through alternate transport paths including public switched telephone network (PSTN) and wireless

  • Locate emergency caller by identifying phone system in company/building or phone extension on a private switch

  • Hosted, in-house or hybrid PSAP
  • Exceptional database accuracy and detail
  • State-of-the-art networking, hardware, software, service and database maintenance

  • Multitenant cloud-based PSAP solution with specialised customer premises equipment (CPE) and NG9-1-1 call management apps
  • Compatible with all major call handling platforms
  • Per-seat monthly subscription plan
  • Standalone equipment upgrade or deploy within a larger next-generation platform
  • Legacy environments, core technology and major call handling platforms supported during migration with multitenant solution
  • Advanced hardware, software, services, procurement, installation and training from a single network partner
  • Real time remote monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and repairs for the life of service arrangement
  • Data protection with managed solution hosted over dedicated virtual private network (VPN)


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