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Get the most out of your cloud investment by analysing usage and spend across multiple clouds.

Gain insight and maximise efficiency

Natively purchase and provision AWS, Azure, Lumen Cloud® through one, centralised platform. Get a bird’s-eye-view of your cloud infrastructure so you can make big-picture decisions on-the-fly and get simplified billing and account management support to help cut costs and keep things running efficiently.


Control costs

Control costs

Advanced analytics identify underused resources to help realise cost savings.Set budget limits and receive alerts to help control costs. Receive detailed spend reports to make informed future budget decisions.

Better governance

Better governance

Auto-discover instances of Azure and AWS subscriptions on BYOC, AWS and Azure platforms to help you manage, govern, and control Shadow IT. Establish a catalogue of standard policies that drive consistency across your networks.

Comprehensive resource management

Comprehensive resource management

Identify underused resources and put them to work against the right business tasks. Centralised billing provides access to spend across different cloud service providers and reports across your growing hybrid-cloud network.

Features and Specifications

  • Manage pre-existing Azure and AWS instances (BYOC - bring your own cloud)
  • Purchase and manage any cloud service that you can buy from AWS or Azure with Managed Services Anywhere
  • COA capabilities available for BYOC, AWS, and Azure platforms

  • Recommendations for right-sizing resources based on historical usage, includes best-fit resource size recommendations and an estimated cost savings
  • Reports on Lumen Cloud services, Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation, AWS, Azure Classic, ARM, and Azure Stack
  • More than 350 automated Best Practice checks for max efficiency

  • Centralised billing across different providers
  • Report on spend by organisation, cost centre or workspace
  • Insight into where additional cost savings can be realised by implementing best practices and identifying underused resources
  • Budget alerts when spending limits are exceeded

Use Cases

Controlling IT sprawl

With seemingly infinite cloud options out there, IT sprawl becomes a serious problem leading to losses in agility when the market changes. COA can help organise and automate your clouds to keep operations running smoothly.

Integrating accounts effortlessly

COA simplifies orchestration of your cloud environment–no more jumping between platforms to spin up a simple server. Having your cloud integrated into one management interface helps save time and money.

Migrating with flexibility

Cloud migration becomes streamlined with COA. Automate the extensive migration of virtual machines between public and private cloud environments with predictable and seamless management of available resources.


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