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Connect incoming calls quickly and cost-effectively when you give customers the ability to directly dial a specific extension on your PBX system.

Give customers a direct path to your team

Direct Inward Dialing minimizes costs and hold times by allowing incoming calls from the switched network to reach a specific PBX station directly, without an attendant.

Business woman sitting in front of a computer monitor while talking on the phone


Cost Control-Dollar

Minimized costs and hold times

Help customers and partners reach your team quickly without relying on an attendant to answers calls.


Personalized connections

Give your team and departments unique telephone numbers that don’t require dedicated lines.


Efficient routing

Handle incoming call traffic more efficiently and enable your team to receive calls after business hours.

Features and Specifications

  • Unique, direct inward dial telephone numbers for each employee
  • Automatic routing for incoming and outgoing calls through a pooled trunk group
  • Available with switching vehicles served by trunk service (trunk side of the central office)
  • Answer supervision required from the customer's PBX

  • Seven-digit local exchange numbers assigned to each direct inward dialing station by PBX programming from a block of numbers reserved for the customer
  • The central office directs calls to a dedicated pool of one-way incoming analog direct inward dial trunks assigned to that number block
  • The central office outpulses the last three or four digits (depending on the customer's PBX requirements) to the PBX to route calls directly to the station
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