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Get agile data storage by moving it closer to your data for the fast and consistent performance that powers edge-driven businesses.

Now the network is your data centre

Lumen® Network Storage is a new type of software-defined data storage that extends your cloud to the edge. Create storage in the network wherever data is created and consumed to power near real-time decisions and better consumer experiences.


Extremely low latency

Extremely low latency

Edge computing removes the latency that comes with storage residing at faraway data centres, opening the door to innovative and powerfully fast new applications and an explosion in new data-monetised opportunities.

Data efficiency right to the source

Data efficiency right to the source

Localised  data can be gathered and put to use immediately, resulting in streamlined performance, while regulating the amount of bandwidth traffic flowing to and from the network core.

Reliable, secure, predictable

Reliable, secure, predictable

Decentralised processing and storage across a wide range of devices makes it difficult for any single disruption to take down the network, and automated data redundancy ensures performance stays reliable and predictable.

Agile, automatedstorage and recovery solutions

Block Storage

Dynamically resize discs or add more to match the storage needs of your virtual machine.

  • Dynamically resize discs
  • Add more to match the storage needs of your virtual machine
  • Storage option supporting up to 20,000 IPOS
  • One-click access to administrator options
  • Resize discs on the fly, or add storage discs over time
  • Multiple options for backup and DR

Object Cloud Storage

Replicate every file automatically for built-in high availability and enterprise-grade efficiency.

  • Highly available, with automatic replication
  • More efficient than hierarchical systems
  • Highly scalable
  • Fault-tolerant distributed datastore
  • S3-compatible API and authentication
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with no long-term commitments, priced per GB/month

SafeHaven for Lumen Cloud

Maintain consistent, predictable performance at an optimal cost.

  • Cloud disaster recovery as-a-service
  • A fully-managed business continuity solution
  • Maintain consistent, predictable performance
  • “White-glove” deployment
  • Regular testing of the deployed environment
  • 24/7 monitoring for system updates


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