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Improve operational efficiencies by directly accessing and executing on data from virtually anywhere in the world as if it were local.

Execute on data across your WAN like it is your LAN

Lumen® Data Access Accelerator empowers your enterprise to access, analyse, and act upon unstructured data with near LAN performance regardless of distance, unleashing the value of your distributed data assets across secure networks virtually anywhere, anytime—from the edge to the cloud core—without changing business operations.

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Accelerate time-to-value

Access your data across geographies where it resides without copying the data prior to executing on it.


Strengthen data integrity and security

Mitigate exposure to data exfiltration by executing on data where it is originally stored without making copies.


Simplify data management

Streamline your workflow and reduce the time and cost it takes to access files by more than 95%1 with a solution fully managed and monitored by Lumen.

1Based on Vcinity data at

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Features and Specifications

  • Location agnostic, scalable and integrated with existing infrastructure
  • Remote configuration and installation of infrastructure into your enterprise network with option for onsite installation
  • Hardware and software monitored and maintained through an efficient OpEx model

  • Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) across WAN bypasses common slow-downs with traditional TCP/IP
  • Enhanced flow control, including buffer credits to provide loss-less access to remote data
  • Packet Loss Recovery minimises impact of retransmissions
  • Parallel file system provides rapid access to data across WAN
  • No compression or de-duplication required

  • Integrate infrastructure with existing compute and storage via Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB)
  • Users connect to their local Data Access Accelerator node via NFS or SMB
  • Remote storage is presented locally through native file management programmes via Data Access Accelerator

Case Studies

AI/Machine Learning firm gains speed

AI/Machine Learning firm gains speed

Avoiding the need to copy data overnight, this company gained immediate access to complete and current data, increasing the value of their analytics tools.

Remote special effects team increases productivity

Remote special effects team increases productivity

A leading special effects company created more efficient workflows by allowing talent to access files from thousands of miles away, in near real-time.

Geological analytics company improves user experiences

Geological analytics company improves user experiences

Instead of physically shipping data or waiting to transfer copies, delaying analysis, users thousands of miles away now access data as if it were local.

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