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A global content delivery network plus distributed mesh architecture for smooth, reliable on-demand video and linear-channel streaming.

Multi-sourcing that powerfully expands with demand


Popular Video-On-Demand and live events can often clog networks, but our advanced Hybrid peer assist technology model actually grows stronger as traffic increases. By aggregating sources and identifying the best ones, we can deliver a more reliable connection that keeps your fans happy even during the most demanding traffic spikes.


High performance

High performance

Our combined CDN and hybrid peer assist technology is designed to enable high performance and a quality end user experience even during the most demanding traffic spikes.

Global reach

Global reach

Hybrid peer assist technology establishes a remote delivery network amongst viewers regardless of the proximity to the CDN, enabling reliable and high-quality video across the globe.



With CDN Mesh Delivery, more devices mean a more powerful network, increasing your delivery capacity and video quality in a cost-effective manner.

Features and Specifications

  • Improve Quality of Service (QoS) with higher bit rates and less rebuffering
  • Optimise delivery by leveraging variables such as user location and ISP
  • Easy plug-and-play integration with a broad range of HTML5 and mobile players
  • CDN and DRM agnostic for easy integration into existing workflows
  • A feature-rich dashboard provides teams with a comprehensive view of the platform
  • Effective resource management that accounts for device limitations
  • Works with monetisation and advert insertion workflow for uninterrupted personalised adverts

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