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Extend your network edge with a distributed mesh architecture for seamless live and on-demand video.

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Rapidly scale high‑performance video

Mesh Delivery uses hybrid peer-assist technology to dynamically retrieve video content from the most efficient source—either the CDN or a mesh network of user devices—offering online broadcasters and over-the-top (OTT) providers cost-effective flexibility, performance and scalability when bandwidth demand peaks.

VIDEO: Mesh Delivery powering live global sports streams (5:09)

Snapshots of two reporting dashboards with graphs featuring data from August
Snapshots of two reporting dashboards with graphs featuring data from August PlayButton


Video Streaming

Improve video performance

Provide high-quality video with peer-assist delivery that keeps content at the far edge of the network, promoting higher average bitrates and improving rebuffering rates by as much as 60% as bandwidth demand rises.


Rapidly scale to meet demand

Manage traffic spikes and expand your video delivery footprint without investing in new physical infrastructure by leveraging user devices to distribute traffic around the edge, reaching more audiences wherever they are.

Cost Control-Dollar

Optimize delivery costs

Control global bandwidth costs as audience demand rises by implementing peer-to-peer Mesh Delivery with flat-rate pricing that decorrelates delivery costs from bits delivered.

Close up of a Lumen reporting platform open to two data graphs

Features and Specs

  • Secure peer-to-peer segment delivery via WebRTC Data Channels 
  • Optimize peer-to-peer CDN delivery through variables such as user location, ISP, and device type 
  • ISP matching configuration to restrict peer-to-peer delivery to devices within the same ISPs or groups of ISPs 
  • Device-aware delivery for effective resource management (battery life, CPU, etc.)

  • Streaming formats: MPEG-DASH and HLS
  • Players: easy plug-and-play integration with a broad range of HTML5 and mobile video players: Bitmovin Player, JW Player, Kaltura, hls.js, dash.js, Shaka player, THEO Player, Exoplayer, AV Player, etc.
  • Platforms: desktop web browsers, mobile (Android, iOS), Apple TV, Tizen, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Android-based smart TVs, LG WebOS 
  • Workflow: agnostic to encoding, packaging, CDN and video analytics 
  • Supports server-side ad insertion (SSAI), as well as other personalized monetization

  • Flexible properties apply different configurations to different types of content (live vs. VOD, premium vs. ad-supported, web vs. mobile app, etc.) 
  • Upload/download control on Wi-Fi and cellular networks 
  • Activation Ratio for easy ramp-up and full control over the mesh network 
  • Advanced analytics via GUI and API for bandwidth volume, concurrent viewers, rebuffering ratio, peer-to-peer CDN efficiency, etc.

Case Study

TFI logo

"As an innovator in our industry, partnering with Lumen was a logical choice for TF1. We’re extremely pleased with the results. Mesh Delivery delivers 80% of our most popular streams and offers the elasticity that we need to scale to hit primetime content and the world’s largest sporting events with ease.”

Thierry Bonhomme CTO, TF1

Use Cases

Broadcasting live news globally

Broadcasting live news globally

See how Mesh Delivery supports breaking news updates and 24/7 media cycles all over the world with flexible bandwidth provisioning that helps improve quality of service even as traffic increases.

Optimizing game day delivery at peak viewing

Optimizing game day delivery at peak viewing

Find out how international sports organizations can seamlessly and reliably deliver their biggest events and tournaments when millions of fans are watching at the same time. 

Providing high-quality VOD experiences

Providing high-quality VOD experiences

Learn how streaming platforms automatically scale to deliver premium content for high-demand binge watching, on-the-go streaming and 4K videos with mesh networking technology. 

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