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Easily move your workloads to a secure hybrid cloud environment with VMware’s data center virtualization app on our agile network and data center.

Go from data center to cloud without boundaries

Whether it’s on-site, off-site, public or private, deliver a reliable cloud environment for your application and workload migration. We host vCloud Air nodes in our colocation and data centers around the world and provide fully managed hybrid cloud options based on the vCloud Air platform.


Cloud flexibility and data center security

Cloud flexibility and data center security

Run your applications in a flexible virtualized workload environment by deploying vCloud Air on our secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.

All your clouds combined

All your clouds combined

Seamlessly unite hybrid, multiple clouds on a global scale. Lumen Cloud® Network Services enhance vCloud Air networking connectivity with low-latency connections and end-to-end security and reliability.

Broad compatibility

Broad compatibility

The Lumen vCloud Air platform supports 5,000+ apps and 90+ different operating systems already certified to run on vSphere. Moving to them to the cloud doesn’t require any time-consuming tasks or additional costs.


Dedicated Private Cloud

  • Single-tenant, physically isolated IaaS platform
  • Compatible with on premise vSphere environments
  • 30 GHz of compute (vCPU) capacity
  • 120 GB of vRAM
  • 6 TB of storage
  • 3 public IP addresses
  • 50 Mbps network link, burstable to 1 Gbps

Virtual Private Cloud

  • Multi-tenant, IaaS platform
  • Compatible with vSphere
  • High performance, highly available public cloud
  • 10 GHz of compute (vCPU) capacity
  • 20 GB of vRAM
  • 2 TB of Storage
  • 2 public IP addresses
  • 10 Mbps network link, burstable to 50 Mbps

Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • 10 GHz of compute (vCPU) capacity
  • 20 GB of vRAM
  • 1 TB of Storage
  • 2 public IP addresses
  • 10 Mbps network link, burstable to 50 Mbps

Features and Specs

  • A hybrid virtual public cloud solution
  • Cost-efficient infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Pay-as-you-go application environments
  • Global network access and interconnections
  • Rapid testing, development and deployment of applications
  • Increased application flexibility and IT agility
  • Cost-effectively implement disaster recovery
  • Diverse workloads can run seamlessly in well-connected, on-premise and vCloud Air environments, creating an always-predictable user experience

  • Infrastructure that includes CPU, memory and disk
  • Compute, storage, network access and public IP addresses
  • Built-in redundancy, high availability, firewalling, load balancing, NAT, DHCP, IPsec, VPN and disk I/O included
  • Data center capacity to meet growth requirements
  • Our worldwide data centers, coupled with vCloud Air data centers can easily address customers’ data sovereignty issues and reduce latency to help customers work more productively and securely

  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Software and security patch deployment
  • Hot-fixes and patches
  • Operating system and managed application software upgrades
  • User privileges
  • Unix-based servers
  • URL, TCP and ICMP monitoring
  • URL check options

  • Secure, high-bandwidth Internet connectivity integrated on the MPLS backbone inside the datacenter
  • Load Balancing and SSL acceleration
  • Lumen IQ®+ (MPLS) network access in over 300+ data centers with direct and cross-connection options for colocation, managed hosting and public cloud
  • Direct connection to AWS® and MS Azure® Cloud platforms
  • Private and Public VLAN options
  • Public internet options through Lumen and other network providers

  • Manage your vCloud environments through vCenter or vCloud director
  • Get policy-driven management and automation in a single unified management platform
  • Centrally manage and monitor all applications and workloads across an integrated configuration of environments
  • Get a complete view of all resources, eliminating the expense of acquiring expertise in a variety of platforms
  • Maintains complete IT control with increased cost- efficiency, speed and agility

  • Support for HIPAA / HITECH compliance regulations
  • Support for 90+ operating systems and 5,000+ applications
  • Customer portal with access monitoring, reporting and provisioning
  • Proactive support through custom reporting, analytics and recommendations