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Lumen® Edge VM

Deliver on-demand virtual machines in minutes at the edge.

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Quickly deploy and economically run virtual machines close to digital interactions for innovative computing and intelligence.

By: Lumen Technologies


Operating Systems: CentOS, Ubuntu


Management Software: Lumen Edge Services Portal


Delivery Methods: Self-service via our Edge Services Portal and Control Center

Service Activation Time: 

Account setup is completed with just a few clicks and Edge VM machines are designed to be available in minutes to minimize organizational downtime.


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is available in each of the locations available within the Edge VM network. Each private network has access to the internet via dynamic network address translation (NAT). Attach VM(s) to any of the available networks within the VPC container. Select a security assignment to the VM to control the type of traffic allowed into and out of the virtual machine.

Performance and scaling:

  • Unified, consistent operations across vCPU, memory and storage.
  • On-demand, pay-as-you-go that easily scales up or down.


  • 1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Storage
  • 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB Storage
  • 12 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB Storage

Pricing and Features

Prices shown are estimates and dependent on configurations.

Estimate starting at

per month*

Estimate starting at

per month*

Estimate starting at

per month*

*Listed rates are monthly estimates, as configured. Prices are for United States data centers only. Not all configurations are available in all data centers. Resources charged hourly, even when virtual machines servers are powered off. Monthly estimates based on 720 hours in a month, 30.42 days in a month 4.35 weeks in a month based on available locations. Charges are presented in the Estimator as a point in time estimate based on selections you choose in the tool, and as of the date it is created. The estimate cannot and should not be relied on as a final monthly price and is not a guarantee of the actual amounts you will owe and be responsible for paying if you elect to purchase and activate Edge Computing Solutions. Monthly estimate of charges does not reflect variability of month-to-month usage, applicable monthly recurring charges or any other setup fees, taxes, connectivity, bandwidth or other applicable charges or fees associated with activated services. Lumen reserves the right to update this pricing estimator and prices presented on it at any time without notice. Does not include operating system/software licensing cost. Build a quote for actual pricing and geographic availability.

Support and Service Options

Lumen offers multiple ways for you to get support for edge services. Our Edge Customer Care team is available and ready to assist 24/7 by phone at the regional toll-free numbers below. Or chat with a team member 24/7 to get the assistance and answers you’re looking for. 


  • 24/7 support: online (knowledge base), chat, email/ticket or phone.
  • 24/7 health monitoring and incident resolution of the Lumen edge system (e.g., physical servers, orchestration systems, virtualization management systems, data center hosting services, network architecture and storage systems).
  • Public internet connectivity latency/interruption within the Lumen edge system (e.g., between servers).
  • Determine that the server is ON/active and is reachable.


Support by Phone

ou can reach our Edge Customer Care specialists by phone 24/7/365 using the following numbers:

  • US: 800-536-3273
  • UK: 08005288798

When you call, please have the following information ready:

  • Contact information: name, email and phone number
  • Edge services portal tenant URL (the URL you use to sign in)
  • Company billing account number (BAN)
  • Description of issue


  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu

Currently, there is no way to increase or decrease resources on an Edge VM server. This functionality will be added in future releases.

It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain any data recovery or restoration process that may be necessary in the case of a critical hardware failure. This is not automatically configured by default.  

Private Network: For customers wanting a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which is available in each of the locations within the Edge VM network, customers will have one default network with a pre-assigned RFC 1918 IP address space.

Customers will have the ability to create additional networks within the VPC container (up to 10 additional networks within each VPC). Customers can assign their own address space to each network created.   

Each network will have the ability to reach out to the internet via a shared router within the VPC using dynamic NAT. In addition, by default each network will be able to route to each other network via the same VPC router.

If the customer requires intra VPC security, they will have the ability to assign security to each VM to prevent unwanted traffic.

Customer will be able to attach virtual machines to these additional networks during turnup. Each network created will have the ability to support public IP assignment to VMs on the network via the floating IP function.

Public IP (floating IP): The public IP will be assigned via 1:1 NAT on your VPC router. Your VM will maintain its private IP address, any ingress or egress traffic to the internet will use the assigned public IP address.