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Lumen® SASE with VMware®

WAN capabilities and network security functions in one unified solution.

Starting at $179*

per location/month
for Self-managed option
12-month term required


Lumen® SASE with VMware® offers a comprehensive cloud-based SASE platform that can be designed, purchased, configured and managed using a centralized Lumen experience. Combined to deliver simplified management of network and security policies, VMware solutions include SD-WAN and Cloud Web Security delivered over VMware Edge devices designed to your specifications for each location.

Version: VCO 5.0.1


By: Lumen Technologies and VMware SASE


Management Software: VCO


Delivery Methods: Self-install or professional installation by request

Computer screen displaying a map and list of edge nodes in North and South America.

Lumen SASE with VMware features:

  • Full suite of SD-WAN features including Dynamic Multi-path Optimization (DMPO)
  • SD-WAN Orchestrator in a centralized, cloud environment – providing installation, configuration and real-time monitoring of the entire network
  • A set of cloud-based security services that include a secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB) and data loss prevention (DLP)

Lumen SASE with VMware CPE options:

  • Extra small devices: Model 610N, up to 100 Mbps of WAN, vendor-specific processor, Desktop, 6 x GE RJ45, 2 X 1G SFP, 4GB memory, rack mount available
  • Small devices: Model 620N, up to 500 Mbps of WAN, AtomC3758 8C, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Desktop, 6 x GE RJ45, 2 X 1G SFP, 8GB memory, 120GB SSD, rack mount available
  • Medium devices: Model 640N, up to 1 Gbps of WAN, AtomC3958 16C, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Desktop, 6 x GE RJ45, 2 X 1G/10G SFP, 32GB memory, 120GB SSD, rack mount available
  • Large devices: Model 3400, up to 2 Gbps of WAN, AtomC3958 16C, 64 GB RAM, 4TB SSD, 1RU mount, 6 x GE RJ45, 4 X 1G/10G SFP, 32GB memory, 256GB SSD
  • Extra large devices: Model 3800, up to 2 Gbps of WAN, AtomC3958 16C, 64 GB RAM, 4TB SSD, 1RU mount, 6 x GE RJ45, 4 X 1G/10G SFP, 32GB memory, 256GB SSD

Pricing and Features


Starting at

per location/month
12-month term required


Starting at

per location/month
12-month term required

*Rates available to qualifying business customers purchasing new service in one eligible continental U.S. location and require a 12-month term agreement. Rates include configuration as set out in pricing table for Extra small CPE single device and one each SD-WAN and security license. Rates exclude connectivity, installation, taxes and fees. Not all configurations are available at all locations. Changes to the configuration may change the monthly service rate and add non-recurring charges. Early termination fees will apply as set forth in customer’s agreement. Customer must remain in good standing and rate may terminate if customer changes their account in any manner including, but not limited to, their service location. Services not available everywhere. Lumen may change, cancel or substitute offers and services, or vary them by service area at its sole discretion without notice. Credit approval and deposit may be required. Offer may not be combined with other offers. Additional restrictions, terms and conditions apply.

Support and Service Options

Service packages are available for your entire Lumen SASE with VMware solution.


Designed for businesses with the internal resources to configure, manage and maintain their entire SASE solution. Additional Lumen support is available for a service fee in the selections below.


You can add additional features to your self-managed service package (already included in pro-managed service package):


  • Design & Implementation: Includes Lumen SASE solution design, implementation test and turn-up 
  • Technical Services: Per event support for break/fix, change management, configuration management and capacity management guidance


Designed for businesses who want to offload daily network and security service management to Lumen to free up or supplement your existing IT resources.


  • Design & Implementation: Includes Lumen SASE solution design, implementation test and turn-up
  • Technical Services: Per event support for break/fix, change management, configuration management and capacity management guidance

Additional support options

  • Device failure replacement
  • Active monitoring and auto-ticket notification
  • Incident response: troubleshooting, fault detection, diagnosis for health, configuration and policy issues
  • Change management for customer configuration and policy issues
  • Configuration management: backup and restore of latest running configuration and software patch management


Questions about your order:

Chat with an expert


Billing, customer service, and product-related questions:

Chat or call Lumen SOC 800-871-9244


Repair issues (after activation):

Create ticket or call Lumen SOC 877-453-8353 (option 1, then 2, then 1)


Lumen SASE offers the convergence of networking and security functions in a cloud-first unified solution with a focus on the digital experience and built on the world-class Lumen Platform.

The VMware SASE Platform™ is the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) platform that converges industry-leading cloud networking and cloud security to deliver flexibility, agility, security and scale for enterprises of all sizes. The VMware SASE Platform is offered as a Service, helping offload IT staff from deploying and maintaining WAN/security and designed to save enterprises operational costs.

There are four components of the VMware SASE Platform:

  • VMware SD-WAN™ 
  • VMware Secure Access™
  • VMware Cloud Web Security
  • VMware Firewall as a Service (FWaaS)

SD-WAN, Secure Access and Cloud Web Security are available with our initial offering. FWaaS availability is targeted for late 2022. Cloud Web Security inspects traffic going to the web/SaaS cloud while FWaaS is deployed to inspect traffic going to the Enterprise Data Center.

VMware runs SASE services inside its own worldwide points of presence (POP). All component services will run inside the VMware SASE POP, including SD-WAN, VMware Secure Access, VMware Cloud Web Security and VMware FWaaS.

In order to take full advantage of the VMware SASE Platform, customers should deploy multiple SASE services.

VMware Cloud Web Security and VMware FWaaS will be managed by VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator on day one of service. VMware Secure Access, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator will be used separately initially, with SSO based cross-launch and other workflow on the integration roadmap.

VMware SASE services can be ordered using the Lumen SASE Solutions Marketplace and Lumen SASE Manager experience. Services can always be purchased by contacting our Lumen sales team.

Once user traffic optimized with VMware SD-WAN arrives at the POP, additional services from other SASE services can be applied to that traffic for security checks.

Traffic can come into the VMware SASE POP in two ways: through VMware SD-WAN using a VMware SD-WAN Edge or through VMware Secure Access for remote/mobile users. Once the traffic is inside the POP, it can be sent to VMware Cloud Web Security or VMware FWaaS for further inspection.

The VMware Secure Access solution provides remote access users consistent, optimal and secure cloud application access through a network of worldwide managed service nodes. The solution brings the best of both VMware SD-WAN and VMware Workspace ONE solutions into a single, cloud-hosted offer that helps ensure a consistent application experience and verified access to corporate applications as users work at the office and remotely.

VMware Secure Access is comprised of:

  • VMware-hosted Workspace ONE Tunnel Service, stateful firewall and traffic steering, deployed in multi-region VMware SASE POPs 
  • Client options (see additional question)

Users have multiple options:

Managed client: Workspace ONE is used as a mobile device management (MDM) to manage endpoints such as laptops, smartphones and tablets in an enterprise. The Workspace ONE client is used to connect to the VMware SASE POP.

Stand-alone: Third-party MDM can be optionally used to install VMware Workspace ONE VPN client to the devices, or the endpoint can download and install this VPN client directly. The Workspace ONE VPN client can then connect to the VMware SASE POP.

Workspace ONE can be used behind a VMware SD-WAN Edge. Depending on the Enterprise policy, Workspace ONE can be configured to pause the tunnel to the VMware SASE POP while the client is on the enterprise network; traffic will be sent over the tunnel between the Edge and the POP.

Cloud Web Security is offered using the centralized portal for managing security and networking policies. This is made possible using the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator. For example, security policy can be configured in the Orchestrator UI and applied to the network segment as a single workflow. This approach eliminates any mismatch between security and networking policies. NetOps, SecOps, CSO, CIO and compliance teams can get common view of network performance and security posture.

The introduction of VMware Cloud Web Security will not require any hardware upgrades to existing VMware SD-WAN Edge deployments.

VMware Cloud Web Security will include the following functionalities that will be delivered in phases:

  • Secure web gateway (SWG): URL filtering, advanced antimalware with file hash check, cloud sand box, SSL inspection 
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) visibility and control
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) visibility and control
  • Remote browser isolation (RBI)