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Adapt to growing business communication needs reliably and cost-efficiently with end-to-end private connections.

Deploy data, video and voice over longer distances 

Lumen Domestic Private Line Service provides exceptional reliability, accessibility, and scalability to protect your critical business traffic from uncertainty and downtime with secure end-to-end private connections and advanced synchronization technologies.

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Enhanced reliability and security

Deliver reliability with circuits that automatically switch from the working side to the protect side of the ring within 50 ms. Protect sensitive info with a telecommunications facility dedicated for your use.


Enhanced flexibility

Build network configurations and connect multiple signals and/or locations (e.g. to support point-to-multipoint applications) through multiplexing (muxing).

Cost Control-Dollar

Improved cost efficiency

Combine multiple incongruent services (data, IP, ATM, voice, video, etc.) over one line with a single channelized interface, and aggregate slower speed services onto high-bandwidth trunks.

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Features and Specs

  • Fixed capacity of bandwidth for transport of your digital communications traffic
  • Utilizes and conforms to SONET standards that originate and terminate a physical connection at a Lumen-specified demarcation point located in the Lumen points of presence (POPs)
  • Robust Service Agreements (SLAs) for 99.999% network availability
  • Support for voice, video, and internet
  • Four-fiber, Bidirectional Line-Switched Ring (BLSR) technology
  • Network monitoring and management to achieve high levels of performance
  • Multiplexing (muxing) available at DS-1, DS-3, and OC-N circuit levels based on customer-selected options and restrictions

  • Point-to-point transmission between two Lumen POPs as a distinct circuit from your primary on-net circuit
  • Diversity service is available as POP Diversity, Ring Diversity and Route Diversity
  • On request and subject to availability