Lumen help

Create a free certificate using Let's Encrypt

Lumen Application Delivery Solutions dashboard

HTTPS in the dashboard


Select domain

HTTPS: select your domain

HTTPS Pulldown


The SSL information for the first domain in this application will automatically load. If you have setup multiple domains on a single application, click the drop-down box “Select your domain” and select the domain you wish to upload a certificate for.


Provision certificate


Click the “Renew certificate” button.


If you previously used a custom certificate, click the “Switch to Let’s Encrypt” button. Let’s Encrypt will run validation tests over the domain then provision a new certificate once validation is complete.


If you have only recently performed Go-Live (pointed DNS at Lumen) the validation process might require multiple attempts, as DNS propagation can take some time. So if your free certificate doesn’t provision straightaway, click the “Renew certificate” button again in a few minutes. If it still doesn’t provision after 3 or 4 attempts, contact our support team.


Once the certificate has been provisioned, it will automatically renew every 3 months.


AAAA DNS records


Domains that use both A and AAAA records will need to remove the AAAA record before attempting to provision the certificate. This is because Lumen platform uses IPv4 and AAAA records are IPv6 which will be not pointing at Lumen platform leading to provision failure.