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Content Invalidation (V2)

Creating an Invalidation Request

To create an Invalidation Request, sign in to the Media Portal and navigate to Network Tools > Content Invalidation, which will open the “Content Invalidation menu”. select the access group with the resources you want to invalidate.


  • Under “New Request”, you can select from two types of content invalidation, as per your needs -


    • “Normal” will issue a GIMS (GET with an if-modified-since header) request on the next request -assuming that the resource being invalidated has a last-modified header


    • “Force” will trigger an unconditional revalidation on the next request - causing the resource to be reloaded.


  • For caching resources, you specify the property and path; In the “Caching Property” list, select the property with the resources you want to invalidate (You can also start typing the property to filter the list).


  • In the “Path(s)” field, type the path(s) to the resource on the origin server relative to the web root. You can specify a path as either a complete path (in an abspath style) or using one or more wildcard specifications. For example, to invalidate, select in the Caching Property or Streaming ID list, then type /images/logo.jpg into the Path(s) field.


  • If you want the invalidation request to match URLs without looking at letter case, select the “Ignore Case” checkbox.


  • You can now submit your content invalidation request, but if you want Media Portal to email you when your invalidation request is complete, click the “Notify when complete” checkbox.

Viewing the Status of Invalidation Requests

Once you submit your request, You can view the status of your invalidation requests in Media Portal on the “Content Invalidation menu”, under the “Invalidation Status” menu. Media Portal shows status for the last 100 requests submitted and only for 24 hours after the request is completed. If you only have a couple requests, we recommend selecting the “Notify when complete” checkbox when you submit your request so Media Portal can email you when its done processing your request.


Here, you can see the status of requests that have been submitted for invalidation—up to 1,000 requests for up to the past 24 hours. If you (or your organization) submitted more than 1,000 requests, the most recent are displayed. The requests can be in one of the following states:


  • Submitted—we received your invalidation request, but have not processed it yet.


  • In Progress—we are currently processing your invalidation request.


  • Complete—we've completed processing your invalidation request.


If you’d like to look at specific requests, they can be filtered, sorted or searched using the interface.