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Deployment FAQs

Any activation action - promoting a new version of a configuration to current or candidate slot, changing traffic allocation - is deployed to the network. It takes 10 or more minutes to fully distribute the settings to the network and the timing varies depending on the size and complexity of the configuration.

Reduce the traffic to 0% or delete the slot. This change typically takes 10 or more minutes.

Deployment status and slot states are displayed prominently on the top of the "production" page.

At this time, staged activation is manual, however you are welcome to use our API to create outcomes that best support your company’s needs.

If deployment results in error - which is a very rare case, the previous state of production environment slots will be reinstalled automatically.

While using staged activation - reduce the percentage of candidate slot to 0.

While using direct activation - activate a previous version of a configuration. You can activate any previous version of a configuration - visit versions tab to access all previous versions. Use the transaction history tab to see past activation actions and all the information regarding the previous states of your production environment slots.