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Lumen Expression Language



Functions and Variables

Operators and Keywords

                req.uri.path *= '*.html'


To match on a path prefix (“/my/prefix” in this example):

                req.uri.path *= '/my/prefix/*'

To match on single path component, “mypath”, anywhere in the path:

                req.uri.path *= '*/mypath/*'

Glob matching works with any variable on the left hand side of the rule, not just req.uri.path. For example, to match “MSIE” anywhere in the User-Agent field of a request:

                req.h.user-agent *= '*MSIE*'
                req.uri.path ~= r'\.{jpeg|jpg|gif}$'
                / regex / replacement / flags
       == list(note.aliaslist) == [ 'alias1', 'alias2', 'alias3' ]


Types and Promotion Rules

The expression language features the following types, in ranked order, from highest to lowest:


Constant values of the supported types are specified as follows:


Lua Bindings


Additional Notes