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Integrating Mesh Delivery with Cloud Video Platform (Mpx Player)


Step 1: Add Mesh Delivery as a custom script file


To get the highest flexibility of deployment, we recommend setting the StreamrootKey in the Query Parameter "srKey".


Parameter name





The unique Streamroot key that we have assigned to you; make sure it is identical to the one provided in the Account section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Add Mesh Delivery options as a custom script

Declare Mesh Delivery options in a streamrootDna JSON and copy/paste it in the "Custom script" input, and click on 'Save' as shown in figure below.

                var streamrootDna = {
  "streamrootKey": "YOUR_STREAMROOT_KEY",
  "dnaConfig": {}

Adding mesh delivery options on the Mpx console

Step 3: Visualize Mesh Delivery stats in your console

To display basic DNA stats in your browser console, copy/paste the following snippet in the "Custom script" input of your player:

                !function(){function n(){if(Streamroot.instances.length){var n=Streamroot.instances[0].stats,t=n.allContents.dnaDownload?n.allContents.dnaDownload/(n.allContents.dnaDownload+n.allContents.cdnDownload)*100:0,a={upload:o(n.allContents.dnaUpload),dna:o(n.allContents.dnaDownload),cdn:o(n.allContents.cdnDownload),efficiency:`${t}%`,peers:n.realtime.dnaSources};console.table(a)}else console.warn("Streamrooot not initialized")}function o(n,o=10){if(0===n)return"0B";var t=o+1||1,a=Math.floor(Math.log(n)/Math.log(1e3));return parseFloat((n/1e3**a).toFixed(t))+["B","KB","MB","GB","TB","PB","EB","ZB","YB"][a]}setInterval(()=>{n()},1e4),n()}();

You should have the following table, which is updated every 10 seconds:

Mesh Delivery stats on browser console

Recommended Hls.js options

                var hlsjsConfig = {
        "maxBufferSize": 0,
        "maxBufferLength": 30,
        "liveSyncDuration": 30