Lumen help

Integrating Mesh Delivery with Rx-Player


Step 1: Install Rx-Player and Mesh Delivery builds

Using the pre-build script

                <!-- Rx-player build -->
<script src="//"></script>

<!-- Mesh Delivery wrapper -->
<script src="//"></script>


To get the highest flexibility of deployment, we recommend setting the StreamrootKey in the Query Parameter "srKey".


Parameter name





The unique Streamroot key that we have assigned to you; make sure it is identical to the one provided in the Account section of your dashboard.

Using npm

Install runtime and dev dependencies:

                npm install @streamroot/rxplayer-dna-wrapper

In your application, import/require the package you want to use, like this example:

                import RxplayerDnaWrapper from '@streamroot/rxplayer-dna-wrapper';

Step 2: Set up Rx-Player and Mesh Delivery

In the HTML <body> or with npm

                <video id="demoplayer"></video>
    var dnaConfig = {};
    var video = document.getElementById('demoplayer');
    player = new RxPlayer({ videoElement: video });
    // Initialize the wrapper BEFORE calling player.loadVideo!
    wrapper = new RxplayerDnaWrapper(player, 'YOUR_STREAMROOT_KEY', dnaConfig);
        url: "YOUR_PLAYLIST_URL",
        transport: "smooth|dash",
        startAt: {
            fromLastPosition: -30, // It's essential to setup reasonable liveEdge latency for good Mesh delivery on live streams


Step 3: Visualize Mesh Delivery

Vizualization graph for Mesh Delivery