Lumen help

Requesting custom reports on your invoice

To request custom reports on your invoice:

  1. Click Billing, then click Invoices.
Online invoice
Invoice PDFs & Data Downloads
  1. Click Billing, then click Invoice PDFs and Data Downloads.
Invoice PDFs & Data Downloads (showing TSV file)
  1. In the Status column, click the linked file name and save the file to your computer. The .zip file contains text files of the subscribed invoice reports. (If you requested files for multiple accounts, use the .zip file name to locate the file you want:
  1. Unzip the .zip file to extract the billing reports.
  1. Open the files in Excel and use the import wizard to convert the .tsv into a spreadsheet:

    1. Open Excel, then click File, then Open.

    2. Change the type of files you can see to see all files.

    3. Browse to one of the billing report files, then click Open.

      Excel opens the Text Import Wizard to format the text file into a spreadsheet.

    4. Click the Delimited radio button, then click Next.

    5. Select the Other checkbox and type a tilde (~) in the field, then click Next.

      Excel update the preview pane to show the data formatted as a spreadsheet.

    6. If everything looks ok in the preview, click Finish.

      Excel opens the text file as a spreadsheet so you can work with the report data.