Lumen help

Getting help with your Network-based Security service

Important: Network managed devices are frequently bundled with an IQ Networking port/circuit. If your services are bundled and you need to report a repair issue or request a configuration change, you need to create your ticket on the Managed Services device ID and not the IQ Networking service ID.

We recommend you open a ticket online before calling the MSS group because it's a secure, safe way to authenticate you. While we can authenticate you over the phone, it's a more involved and time-consuming process. That said, if going online to create a ticket is neither feasible nor convenient, you can call the MSS group, and they can create one for you. To create a new ticket, check the status, change, or escalate your ticket, select option 2.


When you call us, the agent needs the following information to process your request:

  • your name
  • email address
  • service ID


Usually, NBS service issues are automatically detected, so you don't have to create a ticket. For instance, when there's an outage, the MSS group opens a ticket, notifies you, fixes the issue, and tells you when the ticket is closed.