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Activating Dynamic Capacity on a service

Use Dynamic Capacity to add capacity on an eligible circuit:

  • real-time, scheduled, or utilization-based updates to bandwidth
  • no downtime while making bandwidth changes
  • predictable bandwidth, price, and invoice
  • visibility and control over your network
  • secure environments to validate requested changes
  • flexibility to make the changes from almost anywhere at any time

To activate Dynamic Capacity on a service:

  1. Click Monitoring, then click Network Visibility.

    Control Center opens the Network Visibility dashboard. On the map, Control Center shows locations with services needing your attention. Tiles show services with high utilization or critical issues, services that are down or have threshold warnings, as well as open tickets and scheduled maintenance for your services. Use the Map View, List View, Backbone Performance, and Summary Reports tabs above the tiles to toggle between views.
Network Visibility
  1. Click the Dynamic Capacity tile.

    Control Center shows locations with threshold watches or warnings (if any).
Network Visibility (showing Dynamic Capacity KPI and Locations tab)
  1. Click the Services tab.
Network Visibility (showing Dynamic Capacity KPI and Services tab)
Network Visibility (showing Dynamic Capacity tab for a service)
Manage Dynamic Capacity
Activate Now (showing step 1)
Activate Now (showing step 2)