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Creating a change request for Voice Complete

To create a change request for Voice Complete:

Change Requests
Change Requests (New Change Request)
Change Requests (New Change Request for Voice Complete)
Change Requests (New Change Request for Voice Complete with customer number and billing account selected)
Change Requests (New Change Request for Voice Complete with customer number, billing account, and Voice Complete selected)
Change Requests (Voice Complete Change Request Type)
  1. From the Voice Complete Change Request Type list, select the type of change you're requesting. If you don't see an option for your request, select Other Change (at the bottom of the list).

    Control Center adds fields to hold the information for your request. Based on the type of request you selected, you'll need to provide different information.
change requests voice complete change request type other change selected
  1. Fill in the first section (above the Additional Details section) with the details for your request.
  1. In the Additional Details section, do the following:

    1. In the Customer Requested Due Date field, select the date you'd like us to make the change.

    2. If you need to add a tracking or ticket number for your organization, fill in the Customer Internal Ticket ID field.

    3. If you have any additional information that would help us process your request, type it in the Additional information that could help address this change request? field.

    4. If you have any files to help us process your request, click Browse (under Attachments), locate and select the file(s), then click Open.
  1. In the Contact Information section, select how you want to be notified of status updates for this request: Portal onlyEmail and Portal; or Phone, Email, and Portal.
  1. Verify your contact information (or update the information for the person you'd like to be contacted with updates).
  1. If you need to add a secondary contact for this request, click Add Secondary Contact, then type their name, phone number, and email address.
  1. Click the checkbox acknowledging you're requesting the change on behalf of your organization and accept and charges associated with this request.
  1. When you're done, click Submit.