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Porting a toll-free number to your Voice Complete service

Change Requests
  1. Click New Change Request.
change requests new change request
  1. Click the Toll Free (North America only) radio button.
change requests new change request voice complete only
  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you're requesting a change to a specific number, type the number in the field.

    • If you're porting more than one number, pick one of the numbers and type it in.
  1. Click Continue.
  1. From the Change Request Type list, select TFN Request.
change requests new change request toll free with number entered port toll free number
  1. From the Customer Number list, select the customer number associated with your Voice Complete service.
  1. From the Billing Account Number list, select the account number associated with your Voice Complete service.
  1. Click Continue.
change requests new change request toll free tfn request selected with customer number and billing account selected
  1. In the Order Information section, select the Port Toll Free radio button.

    Control Center updates the form with fields to collect information for your port request.
change requests new change request toll free tfn request selected with customer number and billing account selected port toll free
  1. In the Has the Toll Free order been issued? field, select the Yes radio button, then type the order number or service ID for the enterprise Voice Complete service.
  1. Leave the Which features of the TFN's will you be addressing (if any)? section blank. (CenturyLink ports and activates all toll-free numbers with standard settings. If you need to adjust them later, you can submit a request to update the settings,)
  1. Fill in the details for each number you're porting:

    • In the Toll Free Number column, type the number you're porting.

    • In the Toll Free Termination? column, select the Switched checkbox.

    • In the Area of Service column, select the service area for the toll-free number (e.g., United States).

    • In the Billing Telephone Number column, type the telephone number charges are billed to. (Typically, you'll type the same number as the ring-to number.)

    • In the Ring to Number? column, type the number you would like calls forwarded to when someone calls the toll-free number.

    • Leave the Shared Call Tree and BusyNoAnswerOverflow columns blank.
  1. In the Customer Requested Due Date? field, select the date you'd like to have the number(s) on this request ported. (Note that if you select a date that is five business days or less from today's date, you may be charged for CenturyLink to expedite the request.)
  1. In the Would you like to Expedite this Request? field, select whether you need this request expedited. If you select Yes, click Yes in the pop-up window to indicate that you understand you may be charged to expedite the request.
  1. In the CIC (Activate) Date? field, select how soon you'd like the toll-free number(s) activated:

    • To have the number(s) activated as soon as possible, select CIC ASAP.

    • To be asked when to activate the number(s) after CenturyLink transfers responsibility for the number, select Request CIC date and time after RespOrg Gained.

    • To specify a date and time to activate the number(s), select Other, then select the date, time, and time zone using the fields that appear.
  1. In the Is this a Hot Cut request? field, select whether you're requesting a hot cut for the number(s) on this request. (A hot cut is a near-simultaneous disconnection from your old carrier and reconnection to your new carrier to minimize the time the toll-free number is out of service.)
  1. In the Request Template section, click the Letter of Authorization link to download the form. Complete the form, then click Add Attachment and attach your completed letter of authorization.
  1. If you have any additional information to help CenturyLink complete your request, add it to the Additional information that could help resolve this issue box.
  1. If you have a tracking number or internal ID from your organization's internal system, type it in the Customer Internal ID field to help you track this request along with your internal request.
  1. In the Contact Information section, select how you want to be notified of status updates for this request: Portal only; Email and Portal; or Phone, Email, and Portal.
  1. Verify your contact information (or update the information for the person you'd like to be contacted with updates).
  1. If you need to add a secondary contact for this request, click Add Secondary Contact, then type their name, phone number, and email address.
  1. When you're done, click Submit.