Lumen help

Disconnecting services online

To disconnect services online:

  1. Click Orders, then click Order Status.

    Control Center shows all pending orders and those completed in the last 90 days and lists status of the orders in the Status column.

    • Parent Order ID—the main order number
    • Sales Order IDs—sub-order IDs
    • Order Type—the type of order that was submitted (e.g., New/Install, Change, etc.)
    • Service Type—the product or type of service the order is for (e.g., IQ, PL, TL, LD)
    • Status—whether the order is complete or processing
    • Due Date—the date Lumen expects to complete your order
    • Status Date—the date the status was last updated
Order Status
  1. Click Manage Orders
Manage Orders
  1. Click Disconnect.
Initiate Disconnect Order
  1. Fill in the form, then do one of the following:

    • To disconnect all of your services, select the Disconnect entire account checkbox.

    • If you have a complex account, rather than manually entering a large amount of information on the form, you can upload a file instead:

      1. Click Attach a File, browse to the file, then click Open.

      2. Upload your document (XLS, CSV, PDF, or XML—up to 2 MB).

      3. If necessary, include a comment (up to 250 characters) to help us serve you better.