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Creating a connection from your location to IBM Cloud

To create a connection from your location to and IBM Cloud:

Dynamic Connections (showing Ethernet tab)
Dynamic Connections (Create Ethernet Connection)
  1. In the Connection Name field, type a name for the connection you're creating.
  1. In the From Connection Type list, select My Locations.
  1. In the To Connection Type list, select IBM.
  1. Fill in the information for the connection:

    1. From the From Location list, select the connection origination endpoint. (To view a list of available locations, click MY LOCATIONS.)

    2. In the Ce-Vlan field, type an unused VLAN ID (between 1 and 4095). (If you type in a VLAN ID and it's already in use, Control Center highlights it in red.)

    3. In the Customer Account ID field, type your IBM account ID.

      Once you fill in the pairing key, Control Center retrieves connection information from IBM.

    4. In the AS Number field, type or copy and paste your public or private BGP autonomous system number provided by IBM.

    5. In the To Location field, select the termination location.

    6. In the Billing Method field, select whether you want hourly or monthly billing.

    7. In the Class of Service field, select whether you want Basic, Enhanced, or Dedicated. (Higher classes of service offer higher availability SLAs and allow you to increase traffic prioritization for your EVC.)

    8. In the Bandwidth field, select the bandwidth for the connection.

      Control Center shows pricing for the bandwidth you selected.
  1. Review your connection information and then click the I agree with the terms and conditions checkbox. (To enable the checkbox, scroll to the bottom of the terms and conditions.)