Lumen help

Viewing the details for a connection

To view details for a connection:

Dynamic Connections (showing Ethernet tab)
  1. Search for the connection you want to work with by doing one of the following:

    • Scroll through the connections on the screen. If you have more than 10 connections, use the arrows at the bottom of the list to view more connections.

    • Search for the connection by typing search criteria in the Search field. Control Center filters the list as you type.

    • Filter the list by click the icon, then using any of the filters that appear. You can filter by connection status, cloud service provider used in the connection, start date for a connection, or end date for a connection. As you use the filters, Control Center filters the list of connections.
  1. When you find the connection, click the icon (in the Actions column) on row for the connection, then click View Details.

    Control Center shows details for the connection you selected. The details vary based on the connection type.
Dynamic Connections (showing connection details)