Lumen help

Viewing the status of a connection

To view the status of a connection:

Dynamic Connections (showing list view)
  • Actions: Use this icon to manage the connection. The actions vary based on the status of your connection. For example, you can disconnect active connections, clone connections, or acknowledge an unsuccessful connection.

  • Connection: the name of the connection entered when the connection was created.

  • Request Status: the status of the connection:

    • Active: the connection was successfully created and is billing
    • Inactive: the connection is no longer active (disconnected) and is no longer billing
    • Pending Activate: the connection has been created, but is not yet active (and is not yet billing)
    • Connection Unsuccessful: the connection wasn't created successfully. Follow the instructions in the error message. To dismiss the unsuccessful connection from the prioritized list of connections, either click the gear icon () or anywhere on the row for the connection, then click Acknowledge.
    • Disconnection Unsuccessful: the connections wasn't disconnected successfully.

  • From Location: the origination point for the connection.

  • To Location: the termination point for the connection.

  • Start Date: the date and time the connection was created. (This column will be blank if the connection was unsuccessful.)

  • End Date: the date and time the connection was disconnected. (This column will be blank for active connections.)