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Creating a custom detail report in Bill Analyst

To create a custom detail report:

  1. Click Reports, click Billing Reports, then click Bill Analyst
Billing Account Selection
  1. Click the icon on the right side of the row for the account you want to view. 
Click the Billed Analyst radio button, then click OK.
  1. Click the Billed Analyst radio button, then click OK.
Hosted Bill Analyst (formerly Invoice Management) home
Detail Reports
  1. Click Add Report.
Add New Report
  1. To create a new report, do one of the following:

    • Select the Start with a copy of an existing report radio button, then from the Report Name field, select the report you want to copy.

    • Select the Start a new report radio button, then from the Report Type list, select the type of report you want to create.
Create New Detail Report
  1. Select the sections you'd like to use to add details to your report: 

    • Type a name for the report, then from the Default Filter list, select a filter.

    • In the Columns section, select the fields you want included in your report by using the > button to move a field from the exclude list to the include list. To delete a field, use the < button to move a field from the include list to the exclude list.

    • From the Sort 1 field, select the field to sort the data from, then click down arrow/AZ icon to sort from a to z or the down arrow/ZA icon to sort from z to a. If you want to narrow your data, use Sort 2 Sort 4 lists.

    • In the Additional Options section, from the Include up records list, select the number of rows you want included in the report. The fewer records you select, the quicker the report will be displayed. 

    • If you want to share the report with your colleagues, select the Share this report checkbox.
  1. Click Save.