Lumen help

Creating a simple filter to sort billing data in Bill Analyst

To create a filter:

  1. Click Reports, click Billing Reports, then click Bill Analyst
Bill Analyst redirect
  1. Click OK.

    Control Center opens Bill Analyst in a separate window. 
Bill Analyst Home tab
  1. Click the Setup tab.
Setup tab
  1. In the Tools box, click Filters.
Detail Reports
  1. Select the radio button next to the report you'd like to add a filter to, click Add Filter.
Add Filter
  1. Select Next for Original filter builder.
Add Filter
  1. Select how you want to create the filter: (When you share a filter with other users in your organization, users who are at or below your level in the master hierarchy can use it, but they can't edit or delete it.)

    • To start from scratch, select the Create a filter of report type radio button, then select the type of  filter from the list.

    • To start from an existing filter, select the Copy an existing Filter radio button, then select the filter from the list.
  1. Click Ok.
Create New Filter
  1. From any of the three lists, select your filtering parameters. 

    You can have up to 20 rows for each filter. The last row cannot be a group. Each group needs a condition. A filter cannot be saved if a group ends without a condition row. If a group contains no condition and ends, you'll get an error message.