Lumen help

Editing an account description in Bill Analyst

To edit an account description:

  1. Click Reports, click Billing Reports, then click Bill Analyst
Billing Account Selection
  1. Click the icon on the right side of the row for the account you want to view. 
Click the Billed Analyst radio button, then click OK.
  1. Click the Billed Analyst radio button, then click OK.
Hosted Bill Analyst (formerly Invoice Management) home
  1. In the Hierarchies section, click Set Hierarchy.
Hierarchies (showing Set Hierarchy)
  1. To make, add, or change a description, you need to make sure the hierarchy is active. (Click Set Active Hierarchy to activate the hierarchy you want to edit.)
  1. Click the Edit levels tab.
Hierarchies (showing Edit Levels)
  1. From the Display list, select Accounts.
Hierarchies (showing Edit Levels and Accounts selected)
  1. Select the checkbox next to the account you want to edit, then click the Edit Descriptions tab.
Hierarchies (showing Edit Descriptions)
  1. In the Description 1 field, edit the description for the service. If you want to add or edit the other description, do so in the Description 2 field.
  1. Click Save.