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Fixing billing report errors in Bill Analyst

Fixing a no-data-found error

Why you’re getting a no-data-found error

Avoiding no-data-found errors

To fix a no-data-found error:

  1. Click Reports, click Billing Reports, then click Bill Analyst
Bill Analyst redirect
  1. Click OK.

    Control Center opens Bill Analyst in a separate window. 
Bill Analyst Home tab
  1. Click the Statements tab.

    • If there's data available for the month, you'll see billing data, such as billed date, invoice number associated with the account.

    • If those fields are blank, the data for the selected month hasn't been loaded into the portal yet, and you'll not be able to successfully run a report.

      • It takes 7–9 days for billing data to be uploaded into the portal. For example, if your bill date is the 2nd, your billing data will be available by the 9th or the 11th.

      • If all of your accounts have the same billing date, the system defaults to the most current month and your report will run as expected. 

      • If you don't see an account listed, you probably don't have access to it. (To ask about changing your permissions, contact your administrator. If you don't know that person, contact us.)
  1. To troubleshoot your search parameters, remove as many parameters as you can. For example, change the Hierarchy to PublicLevel to CorporateFilter to None, etc.
Manage Statements

To fix an SFTP-delivery failure: