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Sorting or filtering endpoints using the inventory list

To sort or filter endpoints on an inventory list:

  1. Click Reports, click Network Reports, then click Network Performance (PTAP).

    Control Center opens a separate window for PTAP.
PTAP dashboard
Inventory List
Inventory List Device Metrics

Area 1: Path Selection

Path selection—If the From selected device (CE) provides E2E service, then the CE path can terminate at multiple other customer endpoints—assuming there are other CEs that provide E2E service in this enterprise. If so, then a different To location can be selected in the To list. Paths and devices in the grids will automatically change when a new To device is selected.

Area 2: E2E / P2P Paths

E2E/P2P paths—This grid contains the individual P2P paths and the complete E2E path. Use it to navigate to the active (circuit) metrics reports. Active metrics for performance across paths (circuits) between devices is collected by special monitoring equipment such as a BRIX verifier.

Area 3: Devices

Devices—This grid contains the devices along the path. Use it to navigate to the passive (device) metrics reports. Passive metrics are the data collected from devices such as routers that are located at the endpoints of the circuits.