Lumen help

Ordering a use report in Usage Analyst

To order a use report:

  1. Click Reports, click Voice Reports, then click Usage Analyst
Usage Analyst redirect
  1. Click OK.

    Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.
Usage Analyst Home tab
  1. Click either the Summary or Detail tab. We chose the Detail tab in our example.
Detail Reports
  1. Select the radio button next to the report you want to order, then click Order Report.
Order Report
  1. In the Report section, do the following: 

    1. From the Hierarchy list, select the type of hierarchy you want to use to structure your report.

    2. From the Level list, select the level of data from your hierarchy you want to include in your report.

    3. From the Data list, select the statement you want to use for the report.

    4. From the Filter list, select a filter if you want to narrow your report details.
  1. In the Report Frequency section, select the radio button for how often you want the report to be generated.
  1. In the Report Format section, select the radio button for the format you want to receive the report in.
  1. In the Report Notification section, select the radio button for whether you want to be notified when the report is completed. If you want to be notified, tell us how you want us to contact you.
  1. Click Submit Order.