Lumen help

Creating a portal support ticket

To create a portal support ticket:

  1. Click Service Mgmt, then click Portal Support Tickets.

    Control Center lists the portal support tickets you've created in the last 30 days with a status for each ticket, the service ID the ticket is for, the type of ticket, the date the ticket was created, the date the ticket was last updated, and the next update for the ticket (if the ticket is still open).
Portal Support Tickets
  1. Click New Portal Ticket.
Portal Support Ticketing (showing new portal support ticket)
  1. Fill in the form for your ticket:

    1. Select a category from the list; depending on the category you select, Control Center may also ask you to choose a request type.

    2. Fill in the Additional Details section with a description of your issue; add an attachment (such as a screenshot of the issue or document with additional details).

    3. If you need to add a ticketing or tracking number from one of your systems, type it in the Customer Internal ID field.

    4. In the Account Information section, select the customer number and billing account related to your request.

    5. In the Contact Information section, select how you want to be notified of status updates for this request: Portal only; Email and Portal; or Phone, Email, and Portal.

    6. Verify your contact information (or update the information for the person you'd like to be contacted with updates).

    7. If you need to add a secondary contact for this request, click Add Secondary Contact, then type their name, phone number, and email address.
  1. Click Submit.

    Control Center gives you a confirmation message with the portal support ticket ID and sends a confirmation email to the contact(s) you gave us.
  1. Click OK.

    You can now track the status of your request in Control Center.