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Creating a security trouble ticket

To create a security trouble ticket:

  1. Click Service Mgmt, then click Security Trouble Tickets.

    Control Center lists the security trouble tickets you've created in the last 30 days with a status for each ticket, the service ID the ticket is for, the type of ticket, the date the ticket was created, and the date the ticket was last updated.
Security Trouble Tickets
Security Trouble Tickets (New Security Ticket)
Security Trouble Tickets (with service ID selected)
  1. In the Contacts section, do the following:

    1. From the Preferred Contact Method list, select how you want us to contact you about this issue.

    2. Either leave yourself as the primary contact or manually fill in the contact information for that person.

    3. If you want to add a secondary contact for this issue, type their information.
  1. Click Submit.

    Control Center submits your ticket. A representative will be assigned to your ticket within four hours and will work with you to resolve your issue.