Lumen help

Updating information in a trouble ticket

To update information in a trouble ticket:

  1. Click Service Mgmt, then click Trouble Tickets.

    Control Center lists the tickets you've created in the last 30 days with a status for each ticket, the service ID the ticket is for, the type of ticket, the date the ticket was created, the date the ticket was last updated, and the next update for the ticket (if the ticket is still open).
Trouble Tickets
  1. Click the Ticket ID link for the trouble ticket you want to view or change. (If you don’t see the ticket in the list, you can use the search, filter, and sort tools to find it.)

    Control Center opens a new tab with the details of the trouble ticket you selected: ticket status, the service details associated with the ticket, notes, attachments, authorizations, and contact information. (You can have several trouble ticket tabs open at the same time to compare details.)
Trouble Tickets (showing ticket details)
  1. Do any of the following:

    • To add notes to the trouble ticket, type your notes in the Add a Note field. (The Notes and Attachments section displays ticket notes, newest first.)

    • To attach a file, click the Add Attachment link, browse to the file you want to attach, then click Open. (Attachments must be less than 20MB.)

    • To change your authorization for remote testing: Lumen can try to remotely diagnose the problem with the service, but the service may be interrupted. Under May we perform remote intrusive testing? click the radio button for Yes (24x7), Yes (Custom), or No. If you choose Yes (Custom), use the checkboxes to select the days of the week Lumen can run remote testing; set the time for each day using the Adjust Time in Row buttons. For example, to allow testing from Monday 10:00 pm to Tuesday 8:00 am, select the Mon checkbox, set From to 6:00 pm and set To to 8:00 am. Set your testing windows to local time at the A Location of the service on the trouble ticket.

    • To change your authorization for dispatching a technician: Under May we dispatch a technician to the site if needed click the radio button for Yes (24x7), Yes (Custom), or No. If you choose Yes (24x7) or Yes (Custom), Control Center will ask you for the name of the local site contact and any special instructions you have for the technician. For Yes (Custom), use the checkboxes and Adjust Time in Row buttons to select the days and times we can send a technician to your site. Set your dispatch time windows to the local time at the A Location of the service on the trouble ticket.
  1. Click Save Changes.

    Control Center saves your updates; you can review them by opening the ticket details.