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Frequently asked questions about Lumen DDoS Hyper

How do I order Lumen DDoS Hyper?

What are the requirements for ordering Lumen DDoS Hyper?

What happens once I order? How is Lumen DDoS Hyper installed?

How do I get help activating my purchase/service?

Do I need two-factor authentication (2FA) to order Lumen DDos Hyper?

Who recieves the 2FA?

I am an existing customer. How do I ensure I have the correct permissions to order Lumen DDoS Hyper?

Who do I contact if I have an issue placing my order or configuring the service?

What if I cannot see my order in inventory?

How long does it take to provision Lumen DDoS Hyper?

Which Lumen scrubbing center should I select?

How do I find my order if I leave during the process?

How do I know when my clean traffic return path(s) or flow-based monitoring instance(s) have been provisioned and how long does it take?

Is there a sample configuration to help me configure my router to support Lumen DDoS Hyper service?

How do I know if the clean traffic return path or flow-based monitoring instance I configured failed?

Where do I find my SNMP username and password?

How do I sign in to the DDoS portal?

How do I run a test mitigation?

How do I create ticket to get help?

What is the SLA for Lumen DDoS Hyper?

I cannot see my DDoS mitigation and reporting portal credentials on the Security Solutions Analytics page. What do I do?

I am having Control Center issues. How do I get help?

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