Lumen help

Canceling a repair ticket

To cancel a repair ticket:

  1. Search for the ticket you want to work with by doing one of the following:

    • Scroll through the tickets on the screen. If you have more than 20 tickets, use the arrows at the bottom of the list to view more tickets.

    • Search for the ticket by typing search criteria in the Search field.

    • Filter the list by selecting Repair from the All Ticket Types list. You can also filter by ticket status (using the All Statuses list) or by the date the ticket was created (using the All Created Dates list).
  1. After you find the ticket you want to cancel, click the row for the ticket.

    Control Center shows the detail for the ticket. (Before you cancel the ticket, review the ticket to ensure you're canceling the correct one.)
  1. To cancel the ticket, click Close Ticket.