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Provisioning a Linux-based user group

When provisioning a Linux-based resource and opting to have your user created during the provisioning process, the credentials entered in this section will be used to seed that user into the provisioned resource.

  • Username: The username that identifies and is used with your Linux user.
  • Password: The password used with your Linux user (optional if specifying key). Users are strongly advised to set a complex password or passphrase containing a combination of uppercase, lowercase, number, and special characters. If your user’s Linux Settings password and/or key are not defined and Create User is enabled during provisioning (this is the default setting), a random password will be generated but not exposed and login will be blocked.
  • Confirm: Confirm your entered password. These must match for the new password value to be saved.
  • SSH Key: Select a pre-existing SSH key pair object in the application. The user’s SSH key must be selected under Linux Settings in the SSH Key selection drop-down before the instance is created. This step is required if not specifying a password and creating your user during provisioning or if the SSH password authentication has been disabled.

These parameters must be configured before spinning up a new instance. If a new instance is created without proper configuration in place, the new instance will not be accessible. The user will not be able to log into an instance that has been created before the setup parameters were configured.

To provision a Linux-based user group: