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Provisioning a bare metal server

To provision a bare metal server:

  1. Click Provisioning, then click Instances.

    The Edge Services portal shows the instances (e.g., bare metal servers, virtual machines) created for your organization.
Provisioning a bare metal server
Create Instance (showing Group tab)
Create Instance (showing Configure tab)
  • Volumes
    -Required field, pre-populated
    This field shows the storage volumes for the related server plan selected.
  • Location
    -Required field, list, cost based on location selection
    Use this field to select which Lumen Edge data center you want to deploy your bare metal server in. To estimate the cost of the various locations where Edge Bare Metal is available, use the Edge Price Estimator.

  • Bandwidth
    Use this field to select your network bandwidth.

  • User Config
    -Required field, pre-populated, no cost
    This field applies the user configuration for access to the server.
  • Advanced Options
    -Optional fields, free text, no costs
    These fields are discretionary for you to use as you see fit.
Create Instance (showing Review tab)

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