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Setting up a recurring order for a detail report in Bill Analyst

You can schedule to automatically receive a detail report once a month; select the delivery format you want, and choose how you and your colleagues will be notified when a detail report is ready to view. 

To set up a recurring detail report order:

  1. From the main menu, select Billing > Invoice Management
Invoice Management
  1. From the list of accounts, click the blue hyperlink for the account you want to work with.
Invoice Management
  1. From the Reports list, select Detail Reports.
Detail Reports
  1. Click the Calendar icon next to the report you want to order.
Order Report
  1. In the Order section, from the Data list, select either Current month's statements or Previous month's statements, then apply a filter from the Filter list.
Order Report
  1. In the Order Frequency section, select the Monthly: On day __ of every month radio button for when you want to receive the report. This day should be at least five days after the cycle date of the account you are requesting the report for.
Order Report (showing frequency)
  1. In the Order Format section, select the format you'd like to receive your report in by doing one of the following: 

    • To receive a report in a portable document format, select the PDF radio button.

    • To receive a report in an editable Excel spreadsheet, select the CSV radio button.

    • To receive a report in Extensible Markup Language, select the XML radio button.
  1. In the Order Delivery section do one for the following:

    • For you to receive a notification by email when your order is complete, select the Notify me by e-mail when my order is complete radio button.

    • For you and your colleagues to receive a notification by email, do one of the following:

      • To receive a link to download the report without logging into the application, select the Notify me and any additional recipients below by e-mail, and include a link to download the order without logging into the application radio button. 

      • To receive the report as an attachment in the email, select the Notify me and any additional recipients below by e-mail, and attach the completed order. Files exceeding 2MB will not be attached radio button. 

      • To send the order to your SFTP location, select the Notify me and any additional recipients below by e-mail, and send the order to the selected SFTP location radio button, then from the SFTP Locations list, select the SFTP destination. Before you can select this option, you first need to add an SFTP location to your account.

        Type the email addresses of your colleagues who need to know when your order is complete in the Send Additional Notifications To field.
  1. Click Submit Order.


The order is listed under the Pending Orders tab.