Lumen help

Viewing the status of a certificate

  1. From the main menu, select My Services > Caching
My Service - Caching
  1. From the lists, select the access group and SCID (service component ID) you want to work with. 
My Services - Caching (with SCID selected)
  1. Click Manage Certificates.

    Media portal lists the certificates associated with the SCID you selected. Certificates in Active status are ready to use; certificates with Loading status are still being processed by the CDN or didn't load correctly—and may need your attention. If you uploaded a new certificate, Media portal will show the new certificate in Loading status. You current certificate remains active (even though the status says Loading) until your new certificate is ready. When your new certificate is ready, the status will change to Active.
My Services - Caching (Manage Certificates)