Lumen help

Creating a CDN usage report


Note: Some usage data is updated throughout the day while other data is only updated once a day.


Data Updated Latency
Hourly 2–4 hours
Access group / SCID
End of day (23:59 UTC)
Complete about 8:00am UTC the next day
2- or 3-day-old late-arriving data
Added to end of day
Until about 8:00am UTC the next day
Month-end data
About 8:00am UTC on the first day of the month

To create a CDN usage report:

  1. From the main menu, select Reports > CDN Usage Reports.

    Media portal displays caching, cache-fill traffic, and Origin Storage (if applicable) usage data for the past 30 days.
CDN Usage Reports
  1. To customize the report, do any of the following:
  • To change the product(s) you're viewing data for (e.g., viewing only data for Caching), select a tab in the Services section. (By default, Media portal displays data for all your services.)
  • To change the date range for the report, click the Date Range link, then select an option from the list. To use a custom date range, select Custom Date range, then select the beginning and ending dates for the range. (By default, the report shows data for the past seven days.)
  • To change the view for the report (e.g., to view by access group or SCID), select an option from the View By list. (Depending on the option you select, you'll see charted data, tabulated data, or a combination.)
  • To change the units used for the data (e.g., to view Caching data by volume rather than by peak requests/sec), select an option from the list above each set of data.