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Richard Warley
Region President, EMEA


Richard Warley

Former Level 3

Security (including DDoS mitigation)

Global Security Operations Centre
For all security issues (including DDoS Mitigation) call:
+44 207 9044 998 (option 1, then 2, then 5, then 1, then 2)


Account director (AD)

Sales engineer (SE)

Your sales engineer works with you to identify options and define technical requirements for implementing your services. They are responsible for understanding your existing network, key locations, and potential needs. Your sales engineer brings your business needs and technology challenges together with the Lumen range of services and capabilities for a technically sound and cost-effective solution. They also manage the engineering portion of your service quote as well as the inventory and capacity process for your new order.

Sales processing specialist (SPS)

Your SPS is responsible for verifying the key order details once you’ve accepted a quote and submitting this to our delivery teams as an official order.

Customer care manager (CCM) or service delivery manager (SDM)

CCM: Assigned to you if you purchased from Level 3.

SDM: Assigned to you if you purchased from Lumen/CenturyLink.

Your customer care manager or service delivery manager is your point of contact during the delivery process and is responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating activities to make sure that your project goals and objectives remain on track. Your customer care manager or service delivery manager owns and manages the implementation of new and additional Lumen service orders as soon as your quote becomes an actionable order. They review the order to make sure that we receive all the necessary information and oversee all aspects of the delivery process through to the activation and completion of your order. They also track the status of your order to support realtime and on-time delivery and proactively provides timely updates to you throughout the delivery process.

Billing coordinator (BC)

Delivery touchpoints

Former Level 3 (Network Services) delivery touchpoints

Former CenturyLink (IT Services) delivery touchpoints

Service delivery escalation

Former Level 3 (Network Services) delivery touchpoints

Former CenturyLink (IT Services) delivery touchpoints

Delivery expectations

Service level objectives

Local site contacts

Site preparation

Industry-standard events (supplier, third-party, etc.)

Customer committed date

Once all survey and planning activities have been completed, we will then provide you with a customer commitment date (CCD) which is our committed delivery date to you for full-service handover.

Billing commencement policy

Incident management

Incident escalation

Former Level 3 operations escalation path

Former CenturyLink operations escalation path

Security (including DDoS mitigation requests)

Global Security Operations Centre
For all security issues (including DDoS Mitigation) call:
+44 207 9044 998 (option 1, then 2, then 5, then 1, then 2)

Planned maintenance

Former Level 3

Former CenturyLink

Planned maintenance escalation

If you have colocation or data-centre services, use the information below to help you request, manage, and govern access.

Operating hours

Authorised contact

Access requests (no charge)

Field tech requests (charges apply)

As your strategic technology partner, we can offer you a wide portfolio of additional services to help you meet your business outcomes.

Adaptive networking

SD-WAN, MPLS / IP VPN, hybrid WAN, internet access, Ethernet, wavelengths, dark fibre

Creating the right networking ecosystem for your individual organisation is an ongoing journey. We offer a range of connectivity solutions to meet the needs of each location, service, and application. Our hybrid connectivity offers public and private options via fibre or the public cloud, coupled with robust security solutions to protect your data and your organisation.

Hybrid cloud & IT solutions

Public / private cloud, cloud connect, multi-cloud management, colocation & data centre, big data
Cloud adoption is essential to digital transformation. No matter where you are on your journey to the cloud, we can help meet your unique needs with dynamic, secure connections over our global network, which is densely peered with direct cloud connectivity for high performance. Multi-cloud orchestration provides choice, control and ease of management whether you are using public, private or hybrid cloud.

Voice & unified communication

Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, SIP trunking, cloud-based telephony
Your business’ success depends on its ability to effectively communicate and collaborate, no matter where your people, data, apps and services are located. Our voice and UC solutions offer a range of options from TDM to VoIP, a full suite of collaboration tools, and API capabilities to help you lower costs, simplify communications, and increase productivity.

Connected security

DDOS mitigation, active threat intelligence, cloud- & premises-based security
As new and more sophisticated threats appear and enterprise networks become more complex, it becomes harder to protect your business. Our security is built into our global network, not added on, for more robust protection—and it’s designed to protect your integrity without affecting business agility. Our security services are integrated with threat intelligence, which is based on our unparalleled global threat visibility, to better predict and stop threats before they reach your business.

Managed & IT services

Service management, project management, consulting services, infrastructure / OS management
Whether through cost savings or supporting new revenue streams, IT organisations are increasingly expected to contribute to the business’ bottom line. To achieve this, IT must evolve and rapidly modernise. Lumen delivers comprehensive managed services and consulting expertise to help you manage your IT environments more efficiently, so you focus on your core business.

Content delivery

Video & object delivery, digital downloads

Enabled by the global Lumen IP network, the Lumen Content Delivery Network reliably and securely accelerates content delivery to your consumers, providing a quality user experience across a broad range of devices. Live sporting events. 24/7 TV channels. Breaking news. Huge broadcast events. Whatever your content is and wherever it needs to go, our content-delivery services will help get it there.