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Héctor Alonso
Regional President
Lumen, Latin America

Hector Alonso

Core Network Services

The Lumen comprehensive data communication and transport portfolio includes international, intercity, metro and Internet access services. Our extensive Latin American, European, Asian, and North American fiber footprints offer the quality, reach and diversity required to support your business continuity and growth. Our transport and Internet services are offered with a commitment to collaboration and flexibility to meet your needs. We understand your challenges and elaborate solutions that can be dynamically modified as your business requirements evolve. We support the fastest-growing networks through scale and continuous investments.

Enterprise Applications

Our corporate services leverage the assets of international, intercity, and metro networks to facilitate the deployment of next-generation services for medium to large enterprises. We can support your growth in metro areas, across the country, and around the globe with SDWAN, Ethernet, Cloud Connect and SIP Trunking services, as well as with managed and advanced security solutions. Lumen helps you plan intelligent and easy to manage networks that enable you to respond to increases in data and traffic. Additionally, all our services are supported by our reliability, experience, and flexibility.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With our content delivery services, you can better manage the evolving challenges that digital media's continuous growth and popularity brought to web-based businesses. There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of content and size of files—along with end users’ expectations for a richer web experience. Our content delivery network (CDN) solutions can help you respond to a fast and unpredictable growth of traffic (audio, video, websites, files, texts, and photos). CDN Content Delivery is complemented with our Edge Compute functionalities for improved performance, integrating WAF, dynamic caches, SEO and other applications in a seamless way.

Voice Services

With a broad portfolio of voice services and Lumen being a licensed operator for public telephony services, our proposals can solve all your business communications needs. We support local, national, and international telephony solutions based on native SIP technology; also satisfying the integration of legacy platforms (TDM) according to the personalized need of each customer. With our infrastructure resources, we can solve your public and private voice needs through call, local numbering, and toll-free services, as well as advanced NGN networking features.

Managed Unified Communications and Collaboration Services

Our portfolio of collaboration services will allow you to easily expand the same virtualized approach to work across all your resources regardless of your desktop preference. Our solutions are aimed at optimizing the productivity of your company, reducing costs, and effectively improving your business processes. UC&C Lumen services are based on “world class” technology platforms that integrate, after a ubiquity approach, the four dimensions of collaborative work (desktop, audio, web, and video). Our platform services and managed real-time applications are accessible under the service mode, after a single SLA and point of contact, where the highest standards of premium quality inherent in our own IP network infrastructures are guaranteed.

Data Center Services

Lumen is a communications and IT provider which operates more than 350 data centers distributed throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America. The customized IT infrastructure solutions offered by Lumen enable the development of processes for companies, carriers and governments. Our Data Centers offer various options regarding potential, space and network connectivity, making them an excellent alternative for hosting from telecommunications equipment to high density IT servers. Our data center infrastructure is based on the redundant engineering model, both for power and refrigerating and environment control subsystems. The physical security system has been implemented in layers, which allows compliance with security norms which rule the transmission, management and housing environments for companies’ critical data.

With the objective of offering integral solutions, in addition to its IT infrastructure services, Lumen provides Managed Services, through which it operates and manages our customers’ platforms and applications, based on the market’s best practices. The main benefit offered by our portfolio of managed services is the ability to count on next-generation, high-quality services without the need to incorporate technologies and specialized people or develop specific structures and practices. By delegating the management of their IT platforms to Lumen, companies can allocate 100% of their resources, both financial and human, to their core business activities.

Across every step of service setup and delivery, we want you to access the most knowledgeable resources. We will assign you an account manager, as well as other support resources to help ensure we deliver a great customer experience.

Account manager (AM)

The account manager is responsible for offering the best solutions for your company’s needs and will be your general point of contact with Lumen Sales. Your account manager is responsible for understanding your needs, collecting and confirming your specifications and requirements (necessary elements to submit an order). They will also work with you on quotes and orders for new and additional Lumen services, as well as assist in the entire service application process. All of our customers have a designated account manager.

Sales engineer (SE)

The product specialist, now called sales engineer (SE), works with you to identify technical options and define the technical requirements to implement your services. They are responsible for understanding your current services, potential needs, and proposing viable and reliable technical solutions. With technical capabilities and a thorough understanding of the services Lumen offers, your sales engineer manages the technical and engineering aspects of the service during the evaluation of your needs and the presentation of the offering. There is a designated sales engineer for each customer and product area: data, data center, and voice.

Customer care manager (CCM)

Your customer care manager is your contact throughout the entire sales process, managing from the placement of the technical order to the activation of your first invoice. Ultimately, the CCM "owns" the information of your entire experience with us. They act as a point of contact, proactively managing your service to guarantee the highest levels of satisfaction and the fulfillment of your expectations, while, at the same time, communicating with you regularly to keep you informed of requests, highlights and updates of the project.

Billing Customer Care (BCC)

Billing customer care is responsible for receiving all requests related to billing and investigating them on your behalf. The BCC is also responsible for resolving disputes and issuing the corresponding credits when necessary.

Service manager (SM)

If you have selected managed services such as Network Management, Security, Cloud Services, and Managed Voice, you will count on the support of a service manager. They are responsible for managing your services and ensuring they are delivered according to what was agreed, also providing information regarding the service’s quality and performance. Additionally, they analyze and arrange improvement plans, provide feedback, and manage change requests.

Customer service manager (CSM)

For wholesale customers, the customer service manager data carrier is part of the sales team and is your advocate in Lumen. The CSM is the contact for escalation within the account team for topics related to account lifecycle, customer training, coordination of performance meetings, billing requests, presentation of new service requests, or search for resources within Lumen to answer questions. The CSMs are assigned to provide local or regional support to local, regional or global carrier accounts. We ask our customers to scale directly to the operational groups such as assurance and delivery. The CSMs aren’t part of the NOC or operational teams, but they are also available to assist you within these groups. All CSMs speak English and Spanish; in Brazil, they also speak Portuguese.

Service Assurance (TSC)

Delivery touchpoints

Request for order's technical details
  • The circuit designer will contact you in case the technical details aren’t enough to complete your service order.
Order details confirmation
  • Lumen acknowledges receipt of your order and requests validation of your order details.

  • Introduction and contact details of your customer care manager, who will manage the delivery of your order and will be your point of contact throughout the process.

  • Defines the next milestones and expected touchpoints.
Expected date for service delivery
  • Informs the expected date for your service delivery, which is when it will be activated, and billing will begin.

  • Defines the next milestones and expected touchpoints.
Service installation reminder
  • We will make sure your site meets the requirements before service installation.

  • Defines the next milestones and expected touchpoints.
Activation planning
  • We will inform you when your service has been successfully installed and ready for activation, for which a data and time should be scheduled.

  • Defines the next milestones and expected touchpoints.
Connectivity notice
  • We will confirm when your service is ready to be delivered, at which time billing will begin.

Information required to report an incident

Request for changes in active data services

Lumen puts at your disposal the list of requests for standard changes in active data services, limited to 10 locations per change:

  • activation, deactivation and modification of BGP sessions
  • propagation of new networks*
  • changes in quality of service (QoS)*
  • configuration of static routes and configuration/activation of dynamic routes*
  • changes in IP addresses*
  • activation of CPE functionalities: DHCP, SNMP
  • dynamic routing to the LAN (OSPF, IBGP, RIP)

*These requests are equally applied to satellite services.

Process for programmed activities in the Lumen network (GCR)

The change management process is applied by Lumen whenever it is necessary to conduct a programmed interruption of the service provided to customer (GCR—global change request), so that work can be carried out on our backbone network.

Among Change Management’s most common functions, we can highlight activities such as increase in network capacity to adapt it to your new requirements, increase of geographic reach, technological updates and activities to improve reliability of services.

Given these needs, the Lumen Change Management team coordinates with the internal areas and manages communications and pre-approvals with the customers who will have their services impacted.

To mitigate customer impact, all programmed work is carried out according to the following rules:

A. Work in standard situation 

  1. Work will be conducted from 12:00–6:00am (00:00–06:00) in the time zone of the country where the work will be carried out.

  2. You will be notified of work by email seven days in advance. That said, it is required that customers maintain updated email addresses of the contacts who should be notified.

B. Work in emergency situation

In certain situations, indispensable matters require that work is conducted in order to avoid further impacts as a result of distinct causes such as vandalism, city work, need to repair network elements that may generate greater impact in the network, among others.

Under these circumstances, Lumen will do everything in its reach to conduct work during the hours closest to the ones specified in item A.1, as well as notifying with the advance indicated in item A.2.

Country Toll-free number Local number Description
Argentina 0800-800-5383 +54-11-5170-5383
  • Option 1: Data, Voice, Internet

  • Option 2: Network Management

  • Option 3: Data Center, Security, Cloud

  • Option 4: Managed Voice, Managed Video Conferencing, Enhanced Video Collaboration, CDN, Vyvx
Brazil 0800-887-3333 +55-11-3957-2288
Chile 800-360-303 +56-22-422-5803
Colombia 01-8000-117997 +57(1)-611-9013
Ecuador 1800-400-408 +593-2-400-5080
Mexico 01-800-999-1422 +52-55-2581-6333
Peru 0800-7-0662 +51-1-705-5777
Country Toll-free number Local number Description
Costa Rica

+1-800-467-7288 +1-305-808-6010 Data, Voice, CDN
Network Management, Managed Voice, Managed Video, Enhanced Video Collaboration
+55-11-3957-2288,  option 4 Vyvx (USA local support)
Country Toll-free number Local number Description
Venezuela 0800-285-8300 +58-212-204-9378
Data, Voice, CDN
+212-204-9306 Managed Voice, Managed Video, Enhanced Video Collaboration
0800-134-1064 +55-11-3957-2288 Vyvx (USA local support)

Billing Customer Care team

If you have trouble signing in, please contact us at the numbers below:

Location Toll-free number Local number
Argentina 0800-800-5853 +54-11-5170-5383
Brazil 0800-887-3333 +55-11-3957-2288
Chile 800-360-303 +56-22-422-5803
Colombia 01-800-011-7997 +57-1-611-9013
Ecuador 1-800-400-408 +593-2-400-5080
USA, Panamá, Costa Rica
Venezuela 0800-285-8300 +58-212-204-9378

Changing billing information

Changes requested from the 1st–15th of each month will be reflected in the next invoice.

Changes requested from the 15th until the end of the month will be reflected in the subsequent invoice.

In the portal, you will also have the chance to request a service extensions in the "My Services" section. For additional information, download the User's Guide in the "Help Center" located in the top-right corner ().

Accessing the portal

Country Direct code Lumen support
Argentina +54-11 5170-0000
Data, Voice & Data Center

+55-11 3957-2200
Administrative office
+55-11 3957-1900
Chile +56-2 2422-5900
Colombia +57-1 611-9000
Ecuador +593-2 400-4040
United States
+1-305 808-5934
Mexico +52-55 25816270
Panama +50-7 314-0324
Peru +51-1 705-5700
Venezuela +58-212 204-9275