Lumen help

Accessing call history

To access your call history:

  1. In the main window, from the menu on the left, click Call History (the handset with a clock icon).
Call history

You can identify call record types by their unique arrows:

Call record types
  1. To call the contact, double-click the record.

    If you double-click to call a contact in the call history log, Business Communicator calls the person using the same method as you used previously. For example, if you spoke to the contact using video, Business Communicator will video call the person.
  1. With a call record highlighted, right-click the record to do any of the following:

    • To call from your desk phone, select Call from Phone.

    • To make a video call, select Video Call.

    • To add the caller to your contacts, select Add to Contacts.

    • To edit the contact information, if the caller is already a contact, select Edit Profile.