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Adding your conference call bridge phone number and PINs

Using the Business Communicator Collaboration version on your desktop, you’ll want to add your conference bridge phone number, moderator PIN, and attendee PIN to your login credentials. That way, when you’re in a group IM/chat or My Room (dedicated group chat room) and want to talk using the phone, you and your attendees can join a conference call together.

Note: You can only add attendees with a Business Communicator Collaboration version to My Room to use the click-to-dial feature to call your conference bridge.

To add your conference bridge phone number and PINs:

  1. In the main window of Business Communicator, click Options (the gear icon) at the bottom of the menu on the left.

    Business Communicator displays the last option menu opened.
  1. From the Options list, select Advanced.
Options > Advanced > Call bridge & PINs not filled in
  1. In the Credentials section, click the Phonenumber field, then type your conference bridge phone number.
  1. Click the Moderator PIN field, then type your moderator PIN.
  1. Click the PIN 1 field, then type the attendee PIN number.
  1. Click the PIN 2 field, then type the second attendee PIN, if one is given.

    Your call bridge and PINs are automatically saved. When dialing into the bridge from My Room, both moderator code and PIN are automatically entered for attendees.