Lumen help

Changing your presence status


To change your presence status:

  1. From the main window’s presence banner, from the available list, select the status you want other people to see.
Left menu (Collaboration version)
  1. To add your location, click the Set Location link.
My Location
  1. To set your location, do one of the following:

    • To automatically set your location, select the Use automatic location radio button.

    • To manually set your location, select the Use manual location radio button, click the Set Location field, type the location, then select your time zone from the list.
  1. If you want Business Communicator to always ask before showing your new location information, select the Always ask before publishing new location information checkbox.
  1. To show your new location status, click Publish Location.
  1. To add a personal note, click on the What’s on your mind? field, then type your personal note.
  1. To remove your personal note, click on the field with your note, highlight the text, then press delete on your keyboard.