Lumen help

Setting a mobile or landline as your Anywhere phone

To set your mobile phone or a landline as your Anywhere phone:

  1. From the main window’s menu on the left at the bottom, click Options (the gear icon).

    Business Communicator displays the last option menu opened.
  1. From the Options list, select Incoming Calls.
Incoming Calls
  1. Scroll down to BroadWorks Anywhere, then click the down arrow.
Incoming Calls > BroadWorks Anywhere (location needed)
  1. To alert all phone numbers for click-to-dial calls, select the Alert to all locations for Click-to-Dial checkbox.

    This will call your desk phone, softphone (on your desktop or mobile), and Anywhere phone(s) (mobile, or landline) when you call using Business Communicator.
  1. To add your Anywhere phone, in the Add number field, type the 10-digit phone number of your Anywhere phone.
Incoming Calls > Alert all enabled checked