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Setting other lines to ring when your phone rings

To set other lines to ring when your phone rings:

  1. From the main window’s menu on the left at the bottom, click Options (the gear icon).

    Business Communicator displays the last option menu opened.
  1. From the Options list, select Incoming Calls.
Incoming Calls
  1. Next to Simultaneous Ring, click the down arrow.
Incoming Calls > Simultaneous Ring off
  1. If you don’t want your phone to ring while on you're another call, select the Do not ring when on a call checkbox.
  1. To turn on simultaneous ring, move the slider next to Ring Numbers to the right.
  1. To require the person who answers a call to press a key on the phone to accept the call, select the Answer confirmation required checkbox.
business communicator options incoming calls simultaneous ring setting on with number